Sam Claflin Girlfriend

Laura Haddock is not only Sam Claflin girlfriend, but the actor married her recently. It looks like their wedding was a private ceremony that was only made for their family and friends. It appears that it took a short time for them to decide that they are going to get married, because Laura became as Sam Claflin girlfriend only one year ago and that was all that they needed in order to commit for one another. It looks like there was only a photo that was leaked to one fan site of their wedding and they looked fantastic.

And the current Sam Claflin girlfriend is – Laura Haddock

It looks like they both are actors and Sam is best known from his role in the movie Hunger Games and Sam Claflin girlfriend is known because of her role in Da Vinci’s Demons’. So Sam has revealed in one interview how he met her and it looks like as soon as he saw her in one audition that they were participating he knew that it was love from first sight and he knew that she is going to become Sam Claflin girlfriend. He stated in that interview that as soon as he walked into the room he knew that she was the one. He states that he was having the audition with another girl, but as soon as he saw her he called his agent and stated that he was in love and the audition did not matter so much for him at that particular moment.
Further it looks like there was faith when it comes for him to meeting her, because the same nigh he was partying in the club and took a subway home and when he walked into it she was standing there. So Sam has also revealed that he loves Sam Claflin girlfriend also because she reminds him of his mother and he states that he has finally found the one that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He states that the fact that Sam Claflin girlfriend reminds him of his mother is important because mothers know everything and she is this way and this is perfect for him. He also states that his mother was the first woman that he has ever loved and Sam Claflin girlfriend is the second woman that he has ever loved and also she is different from his mother in ways and she is similar to him so they did not need a lot of time to decide that they want to spend their time together as a family.

sam claflin girlfriend

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