Sam Worthington Girlfriend

It seems that Sam Worthington has a new girlfriend that is cozy with him and does plenty of things in order to spend more time together. Sam Worthington girlfriend is Sophie Monk and when he travelled to Australia she was the one that picked him in the airport. The couple was seen together in the airport holding hands and holding each other close to one another. Sam, who is an actor, is 33 years old and the new Sam Worthington girlfriend is 33 years old and she is a model. Further, Sam Worthington girlfriend has stated a month before they were seen cozy together that she is not with Sam and that they are just good friends. She has said that they are close, but not as a couple and laughed when people asked if they are together. So it appears that their relationship got more serious and they seem happy together.

And the current Sam Worthington girlfriend is – Sophie Monk

It looks like Sam Worthington girlfriend is not only a model, but also a singer, her carrier began in 1999 when she was picked to participate in one advertisement for Australian show. She wanted to participate there when she found an advertisement that young girls were in search in order to advertise one television show. Then she has joined a group called Bardot and after that her solo carrier began in 2002 when she signed a contract with one production management. Further, Sam Worthington girlfriend is also an actress, whose big debut was when she was offered to act as Marilyn Monroe in 2004. And then she began to get roles in different movies from serious dramas up to comedies and horror films that might not seem so attractive for some people. She met Sam in 2013 and she talked to him about her carrier in creating shows and movies, but they were not selected by any television channel and she was disappointed because of this.
Sam Worthington girlfriend has dated other men, before she met Sam but her relationships were not so serious and long. She has been with Benji Madden and he has even proposed to her, but their relationship broke off after a year since his proposal and she came back to Australia alone. Sam Worthington girlfriend has stated that she has a stalker that wants her dead and threatens for her, but it appears that nothing bad has happened to her yet and she can be happy with Sam.

sam worthington girlfriend

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