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It appears that there are no real facts about who is Sean Payton girlfriend at the moment, but the famous coach of Saints has been married once and his marriage lasted for years of his life and that is really a long time to be with someone that eventually you divorce with. It looks like in the year 2012 he filled in for divorce with his wife. The divorce petition was filed in Texas and the main reasons that he stated in it was that their personalities are too different and because of this they have a lot of conflicts and there could be no expectations of reconciliation. The former Sean Peyton girlfriend named Beth Peyton also signed a divorce petition and she named the same reasons for them to get apart just as he did.

And the current Sean Payton girlfriend is – Single

It appears that they were trying to make their divorce friendly and wanted to share their fortune and the custody of their children in a nice way. They have two children together and it appears that the former Sean Peyton girlfriend wanted to have their custody just for herself and stated this in her petition and notes that court should set scheduled visitations for her husband when he can come to see his children if they cannot reach an agreement that would be good for them both and they both would agree with it.
Also the former Sean Peyton girlfriend stated that she does not want the trial to be happening unless they both agree to have one and sign this agreement on paper so she wanted it to be nice. It appears that their marriage came to an end during the bad year for Sean, because his team was accused of using bad system and paying for their players so that they would make injuries for the opponent team players and this way is not allowed.
It appears that former Sean Peyton girlfriend wanted to have the full custody of her children so that she would be the one that could be responsible for everything that they need in their life and so that she could make the decisions concerning their health care and other issues that are important in one’s life. Thus the former Sean Peyton girlfriend also wanted for him to pay child support and not only this, but also pay for their health and this seems logical and they are divorced now.

sean payton girlfriend

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