Seann William Scott Girlfriend

Just no so long ago Seann William Scott girlfriend existed and he seemed to be happy together with her but something went wrong and their relationship came to an end. So it appears that he is a single man again and on the market. The former Seann William Scott girlfriend was Lindsay Frimodt who was not only his girl, but they were even engaged so something must have really happened between them. It appears that the actor who became single because of his role in the movie American Pie is single again after 11 months that he has spent with the former Seann William Scott girlfriend as engaged people. Thus, his representative has stated that Lindsay, who is a model for Victoria‘s Secret and Sean ended their relationship in a nice way and that they still remained as friends and that their split is admirable, because they managed to end this nicely.

And the current Seann William Scott girlfriend is – Single

It appears that when he was proposing for the former Seann William Scott girlfriend it was Valentine‘s Day so he must have made it really romantic and nice and it appears that she has agreed to become engaged to him and he has stated these news about his engagement with Seann William Scott girlfriend at the premiere of American Reunion where he has stated that he does not know how he has gotten such a nice girl like her and that he is really lucky to have her as his girl. Thus the actor has stated that the former Seann William Scott girlfriend has not seen the American Pie and this is a good thing, because if she has had seen the movie and his role in it she would not have probably said yes when he was proposing for her.
It appears that he started dating the former Sean William Scott girlfriend just after a couple of months have passed from him being in the rehab where he has gone because of personal and health issues. Further in his past he has been linked to other women such as January Jones and Jamie King, but he was not dating either one of them. So it appears that now after his relationship with the former Victoria‘s Secret model he is single again and there does not exist any girl that would be special enough to be called as Seann William Scott girlfriend and maybe this will not have a negative effect to his health state.

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