Sergio Ramos Girlfriend

Sergio Ramos girlfriend is Pilar Rubio and she is Spanish. Pilar is couple of years older than the famous soccer player Sergio that does not get in the way for their relationships. There were a lot of rumors about the couple breaking up, but Sergio found a way to deny them, he posted a photo on his Twitter site with Sergio Ramos girlfriend and with all of his family posing together with them and that is clear that these two are together. This means that his family agrees with their relationships and that they are serious about one another.

And the current Sergio Ramos girlfriend is – Pilar Rubio

Sergio Ramos girlfriend is eight years older than him, she was born in 1978, but she looks perfect. She comes from Torrejon de Ardoz, which is her hometown in Spain. She is a reporter and also a TV presenter, who became known for her program named “Se lo que hiciste” that means I know what you did in English, which was broadcast on the channel La Sexta.
Sergio Ramos girlfriend has studied economics, but she never finished her studies, because she noticed that her future is in television, because of her perfect looks. She began by hosting television shows, but she has also appeared as a model on different magazines, she has also appeared in commercials and has been acting in several short movies, so it seems that she is capable of doing a lot of thing in show business.
Sergio Ramos girlfriend has won the award of best television reporter in 2007. She has also other awards, in 2008 and 2009 she was selected as the sexiest women by the Spanish edition of the FHM magazine and that was no surprise for people, because her looks is perfect. Recently she has taken up another activity, which is designing. Sergio Ramos girlfriend is designing flamenco dresses and she is good at it also. Apparently she likes to do this and even has a blog where she shares ideas about designing them.
The way how Sergio met Pilar is quite interesting also. It seems that Sergio Ramos girlfriend was so intriguing for him, that before they met in real life they began to communicate by text messages and by calling each other. Then they met in real life and liked each other even more and their relationships started to be real. Sergio Ramos girlfriend is happy with him and while they have their family approval their relationships can get even more serious soon.

sergio ramos girlfriend sergio ramos girlfriend

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