Seth Macfarlane Girlfriend

Due to the fact that Seth Macfarlane has a good sense of humor he has had a lot of women in his life, some were serious and others not so much. Even though he is over 40, this does not get in the way to be ladies’ man and have a long history of relationships. In 1998 Nicole Sullivan was called Seth Macfarlane Girlfriend and because the internet was not so advanced on those years there is no important information about their relationship. They were together for a few years until 2000. Then Seth Macfarlane Girlfriend in 2006 was a famous former porn star named Christa Cambell and they have been together for just a year.

And the current Seth Macfarlane girlfriend is – no girlfriend

There are no real facts or details that Camille Guaty was Seth Macfarlane Girlfriend in 2007, but the rumor has it that they were together as a couple. She is not so famous in the world of popular people, but she is an actress. Then there was Kat Foster, about whom there also are no details, just so that their pictures were posted on the internet, but their relationship status is not co clear for the public. Then there was Eliza Dushku, who is known in the celebrity world, but they have probably just hooked up for some time, because there were no public statements about their relationship either.

In 2008 Amanda Bynes was known to be Seth Macfarlane Girlfriend even if just for a short time. It seems that Seth does not mind to change his women as fast as he can and the most part of them had been participating in Family Guy animation series and recorded their sounds as the characters of it.

Then there was Ashlee Green, whose relationship with the comedian did not go on for a long time also. Then in 2012 it seems that he started a more serious relationship with Emilia Clarke, a wonderful woman and they have been together until 2013, but recently it was announced that their relationship broke of and she was the most beautiful among his dates.

All in all it seems that being Seth Macfarlane Girlfriend is not a privilege at all, he has had so many hook ups that it seems he likes to enjoy his life the way that it is without any serious relationship lasting for more than a year, but when he finally finds the right person he will is going to with her for a long time.

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