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The actor Shahid Kapoor does not have time to spend with one girl and Shahid Kapoor girlfriend does not exist at the moment. It appears that the actor has always wanted to work with one particular film maker named Karan Johar, but it appears that he has lost a lot of golden opportunities to work with the production company, where his most desirable director works. Not that he has not been offered an opportunity to work with Dharma Company it appears that for some kind of reasons he has rejected the roles that he has been offered in their movies.

And the current Shahid Kapoor girlfriend is – Single

And the former Shahid Kapoor girlfriend has something to do with his decisions, so apparently not only that they have been through hard time when their relationship ended, he tries so hard to avoid her, that he has refused his dreams in order to avoid his ex. The sources note that he was offered a role in Gori Tere Pyaar Mein and he was the first one that was offered this, but he turned it down and another actor signed the contract and he was left without this role. And the only reason why did it was because the leading female that was going to act in this movie is the former Shahid Kapoor girlfriend.
The former couple has been acting in different movies together, when they were just a couple, but now he does not want to see that former Shahid Kapoor girlfriend. It appears that not only they have date but they met each other on the set of one movie called Fida, and since then they became a couple. It happened in 2004 but in 2007 they separated when they were making another movie so the thing that brought them together tore them apart.
Further, Shahid Kapoor girlfriend according to him is a perfect girl and he states that he wishes her all the best and that she is a good person, but he does not want to work with her on the set of a movie. After their brake up that was famous and everyone knew about it Shahid decided to keep his personal life for himself and keep a low profile. And after his actress girlfriend he has had many other that could have been called as Shahid Kapoor girlfriend, but their relationship also ended, even though he did not share details about them, he must not have met the right person yet.

shahid kapoor girlfriend shahid kapoor girlfriend

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