Shane Dawson Girlfriend

Shane Dawson is one of the most popular personalities of YouTube. It appears that people are talking that Lisa Schwartz can be called as Shane Dawson girlfriend and that there is really something going on between these two. Lisa appears to be his girl for over one year and there are rumors that he has finally proposed for her and that they are planning their wedding. Shane is not afraid to tell the whole world how he feels about Lisa and he has even posted a video where he is listing all the positive things that he loves about Shane Dawson girlfriend. So the rumors about their engagement began since the video has been released. He also has notes that this video even might be playing at their wedding, making them both cry, because of all the nice things mentioned there.

And the current Shane Dawson girlfriend is – Lisa Schwartz

Shane notes that Lisa is the kind of person that always help him to get through difficult social situations and that Shane Dawson girlfriend smells real nice, just like cotton candy and that makes him really happy. Further he has stated in the video that he just cannot stop loving the way that she stares at him while he is driving a car, it’s a good thing that he manages to stay focused, because bad things would happen. Also Shane has told things that he loves that other people might not understand, because he has noted that he loves the way that she cries and her make up runs down and she looks like a street whore and he notes that he loves that street whore, so it is quiet strange. He talks about his girl in strange way sometimes and says things that could hurt other people, but she seems flattered by them and that is a good thing.
Moreover, the fact that she manages to help him in different situations makes Shane Dawson girlfriend even more attractive, not just to him but also to their fans. She is a nice person that is not afraid of the public opinion and manages to make Shane happy, so Shane Dawson girlfriend must be worth all of the nice words that he states about her in his video. And if the rumors about their engagement are true, plenty of his fans note that they are a perfect couple looking great in their videos and that they seem like it was meant to be for Shane Dawson girlfriend to be with him.

shane dawson girlfriend shane dawson girlfriend

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