Shane Mosley Girlfriend

Shane Mosley girlfriend is Bella Gonzalez and she is perfect if considering only her looks. Shane, who is a boxer, participates in many boxing matches and his girl seems to be accompanying him whenever he needs to be. He has had a boxing match with Manny Pacquiao she looked perfect sitting among all the people that came to watch the match and even though her man does not like so nice she was perfect. The match went not so good for Shane, because his opponent has made bruises on his face and he did not gain so much from Manny. Thus, Shane Mosley girlfriend was not so pleased by this also, because she wants her man to be the strongest among them all.

And the current Shane Mosley girlfriend is – Bella Gonzalez

When the fight was going on it appears that for some people Shane Mosley girlfriend was more interesting than the fight itself, because throughout the action the camera kept going to her face that looked worried and disturbed, she must have thought that Shane is the best and that he will leave bruises on his opponent’s face and not vice versa. The fact that Shane Mosley girlfriend was among the watchers disturbed plenty of men because it is impossible for them to resist for such a sexy woman.
It looked like Shane Mosley girlfriend could easily jump into the ring and do something for her man’s opponent in order to easy his pain that he received plenty from Manny and she was ready to make people pay for his pain. Even though Shane is younger than Shane Mosley girlfriend plenty of people wonder what she is doing with him, because it is supposed to be hard to keep this kind of girl close to a man that is not perfect and has negative features also besides all of his good qualities.
Even though a lot of men were staring at her she did not enjoy the attention, the only thing that she did mind was if Shane is going to lose or win and if he would be hurt much. It makes people wonder if Shane would not get so good results in his boxing would Shane Mosley girlfriend still be with him. So Shane Mosley girlfriend seems to be really into him at the moment and she cares about him so as he cares about her and if they keep their relationship strong they will be together.

shane mosley girlfriend shane mosley girlfriend

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