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Because of the roles that the actor Shane West gets in the movies he seems to be bad boy and has this kind of reputation. He has had a lot of women in the past and many want to be known as Shane West girlfriend. Not only that he looks like a bad boy he has other qualities that women like and there are always plenty or rumors about him dating one star or another or just hooking up with someone.

And the current Shane West girlfriend is – Single

The rumor has it that the new Shane West girlfriend is also his co-star in the CW spy series. They have been seen together walking around and holding hands with Lyndsy Fonseca and their destination was one club in Los Angeles called Sayers. Thus, the look can be deceiving ant these rumors can be not so true because they both have abilities to act and to pretend, the television series that they appear in together is called Nikita. Lyndsy, who apparently is called as Shane West girlfriend is 25 years old, when Shane himself is 33 years old, so he is eight years older than the girl and the photos that are share on the internet of them looks like they are closer than just friends.
One thing for sure is that Shane West has spoiled a little from the television series that their characters in Nikita are not meant to be, because they are never going to be together in the television series, because his character is mostly connected to Nikita. So not only that Shane West girlfriend does not exist outside the screen it appears that it is not happening in a splendid way in television series. Thus, it appears that Shane and Lyndsy is a different story in the real life.
Thus if she would become as Shane West girlfriend one day, than he is supposed to know, that she has stated in one interview what she looks in for in a man. She has notes that she would love a man that would wait for her at home, when she is coming from work with a dinner, that he made himself and that he would have made the shopping before she has come back. Further she has notes that it would be nice to have o bottle of wine on their table in order to drink it together. Potential Shane West girlfriend has stated that she would love relationship were people would take care of one another. Thus until they are not a couple Shane is free and he can do whatever he wants to.

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