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The latest Simon Cowell girlfriend was named Carmen Electra who he has dated for some time. Simon Cowell has stated that they divorced after some time not discussing nothing about his relationships in the press, but when there were no pictures of them being together for a couple of weeks he had no choice, just to admit that their relationship has come to an end. So now he has revealed that his love life is hard and he is single again and is looking for someone new in order to share his life with, so Simon Cowell is on the market again.

And the current Simon Cowell girlfriend is – Single

Simon Cowell girlfriend is again a status that is not occupied and Simon states that he prefers British woman, but does not have anyone on his eye. He is 53 years old and he would like to find a girlfriend once again, because he does not want to be single. Simon has also revealed his relationship with Carmen who was known as Simon Cowell girlfriend. He states that they were dating and spending time together and he considers her to be sweet and nice, but he notes that she is not his girlfriend anymore.
Simon Cowell girlfriend that was Carmen has stated before that she became fond of the millionaire after she was a guest judge in Britain’s Got Talent. She has stated that he is a real sweetheart and that she became fond of him, because he was nice and polite and attracted her a lot. Then they became friends and started to hang out, because Carmen thought that Simon is a great guy.
Further, Simon has had a lot of other women that were called Simon Cowell girlfriend and he was engaged with one named Mezhgan Hussainy, but he broke up their relationship, because of some kind of reasons. His former fiancée was a make-up artist. Simon has also admitted that he would love to have a girlfriend, but his lifestyle gets in the way with being with someone.
Thus, Simon Cowell girlfriend or she is present or just ex will be always loved by him, because Simon notes himself that he likes all of his former girls. Also Simon admits that he prefers to spend time while searching for the right person to be married to, because if he has an unhappy marriage that would be the worst thing. He notes that a bad marriage and routine has destroyed a lot of people and he has seen it so Simon Cowell girlfriend has to suit him perfectly if they would want to get married in the future.

simon cowell girlfriend simon cowell girlfriend

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