Skylar Astin Girlfriend

Skylar Astin girlfriend is also his co-star in the movie Pitch Perfect named Anna Camp. Their fans can be happy about them, because they look so perfect together and their relationships seem to be quite strong and they share an obvious connection.

And the current Skylar Astin girlfriend is – Anna Camp

In the movie they played roles of two people in a relationship and that must have been the sign for them, because they moved this relationship from on screen to off screen, to real life. It seems that Skylar Astin girlfriend has known him for a long time until they began to be a couple and as a source states they definitely have chemistry between them that is clearly noticeable for the people that surround this couple.
Pitch Perfect has two biggest stars and they have announced about their relationship in real life when they attended the 3rd Annual 24 Hour Plays in Santa Monica, California and after the evening ended they left together for the first time in public.
Skylar Astin girlfriend has recently split from her husband, that she was married to for three years and he is also a famous actor named Michael Mosley due to reasons known only for them. Thus, her former husband has stated in one interview that their divorce happened because they were too different for each other and none of them could change it. Skylar Astin himself seems not to have any important or long lasting relationships in his past, so they can try to make it work together.
Even though, Skylar Astin girlfriend is five years older than him that does not get in the way of their emotions for one another. In the movie their characters fall for one another quickly even though they are different so it seems it also happened in real life.
Skylar Astin girlfriend was not divorced when they met for the first time and still had a husband, so maybe Skylar is the reason why her husband asked for divorce, but one source notes that until she was married there was nothing going on between them, they were only friends, but as soon as her husband asked for divorce things changed.
The couple is attending different events together and showing of their emotions for one another in different pictures. Skylar Astin girlfriend states that being with hi makes her happy and they have all kind of fun and when they attended the True Blood season 6 premiere Anna had a lot of fun dancing with him and spending time together.

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