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It appears that the actor Stephen Merchant is single and there is no woman that could be named as Stephen Merchant girlfriend. Thus, he would like to find a woman to be with and share his life with, but it looks like he thinks he knows the answer why there does not exist Stephen Merchant girlfriend and gladly shares this with the media. It appears that even though the basic reasons why men do not succeed in love are because of their character and because they are shy and maybe awkward sometimes, but not in his case. The actor states that the only reason why he does not have a girl is because he is too tall. It appears that he blames his height which is 6ft 7in and that get in the way for him to be active in his bedroom.

And the current Stephen Merchant girlfriend is – single

He states that when it comes to women it is a bit tricky if Stephen Merchant girlfriend is not as tall as he is because it is hard to do something when one is up and the other is down and that gets in the way for real. Further Stephen has revealed that he is planning to use his tour, on which he is going to go nationwide and it is a stand-up tour called Hallo Ladies, in order to find a potential woman that could be called as Stephen Merchant girlfriend. And not only that he wants to find a girlfriend he would be ready to get married and find himself a wife so maybe this is not so bad, because all of his female fans that are not bothered by his height should try to get close to him and gain his heart.
Thus, this might not be so easy because he has some kind of standards set for a potential Stephen Merchant girlfriend. He notes that he is looking for a special woman that would have the body of Kelly Brook and the mind of Stephen Fry. Thus, even though he is really tall he used to have a girl named Claire Jones that he dated and who was called as Stephen Merchant girlfriend. She was a digital advertising producer and they spent two years together but in 2009 their relationship came to an end and since then he is single and on the market. It looks like his height also helps him to be in television series because due to it he has acted in a couple of shows as a tall monster, but maybe he will find a lady that is going to be as tall as him.

stephen merchant girlfriend

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