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Steve Nash, who is LA Lakers star has had difficult relationships in his life and has finally found a girl that suits him perfectly, at least at the moment, Brittany Richardson can be called Steve Nash girlfriend. Thus, their relationships can get difficult also, because of Steve’s ex-wife. Steve has three children with the former Steve Nash girlfriend and his ex-wife that are living with him, because he won their custody in court. Because Steve Nash girlfriend was allowed by the judge to accompany their children from LA to Arizona and back without Steve being with them, the ex-wife decided to go to the court about this issue, because she is not happy about it at all.

And the current Steve Nash girlfriend is – Brittany Richardson

The ex-wife of Steve has stated that Steve Nash girlfriend even though she is living with him is nothing for her children and she is not a part of the family that she could take the children alone somewhere, but her arguments were not strong enough, because the judge notes that Steve Nash girlfriend has the right to take the children somewhere without Steve, because she is similar to a nanny, who can take the children somewhere alone and has the right to do it. So Steve’s ex-wife did not win anything when she went to court with this question.
Their relationships about their children is really intense because the former Steve Nash girlfriend, his ex-wife wants to move to L.A. and he does not want her to, stating that California is a bad place to raise children, but she notes that he does not want to allow her moving because than he would have to pay child support.
Steve divorced his wife in 2010 on November. Their relationships were seriously messed up, because he was cheating his wife with Steve Nash girlfriend, Brittany and he was happy about it. But it looks like his ex-wife found cheated on him first and the result was obvious, because she gave birth to a black child and Nash obviously understood that she has cheated on him with a black man and finally decided to end their marriage for good.
He has found the current Steve Nash girlfriend when his wife was three months pregnant, they met in 2010 in July and he could not resist her charm. Brittany is only 23 years old and Nash is 38, but it looks that the age difference does not bother either one of them.

steve nash girlfriend

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