Steve-O Girlfriend

It looks like just recent Steve-O was one of the luckiest man on the world, because he was having the opportunity to be dating the former George Clooney girlfriend named Elisabetta Canalis and she was known as Steve-O girlfriend, but apparently they were not made for each other and he decided to brake off their relationship and some people consider him not so smart because he made this decision, but as soon as he explained his perspective in this relationship it became clear why he decided to leave this perfect Italian model.

And the current Steve-O girlfriend is – Single

Even though the fact that she was known as Steve-O girlfriend was surprising for many people and they thought what she was doing with the Jackass star, thus she must have saw something in him that attracted her and made her want to be with him. Their relationship lasted for a really short time only three months before he decided to end them. The only thing that was getting in the way for them to be together was the fact that Steve-O girlfriend liked to party too much and she loved to have some drinks and relax and he thought that her wish to have alcohol so often was bad for him.
It appears that Steve-O is sober and he likes to be this way and he thought that relationship with the former Steve-O girlfriend might get in the way for him to be sober and he might break and start drinking and he did not want to do this. It appears that Steve-O is really into his sobriety and he did not want for anyone to get in the way for this and the former Steve-O girlfriend could have destroyed his ability to stay sober.
Thus it appears that even though he has broken off their relationship he still wants to help the former Steve-O girlfriend to get rid of her wish to party so much and drink so much, because he considers them being good friends. One source has stated that he still has feelings for her, but he cannot go back to the time of his life when he drank a lot so he cannot come back to being with her. He states that he has tried to help her and now she is going to some meetings and maybe she will get back to controlling her life again and stop drinking and then the former Steve-O girlfriend could try to be with him again.

steve-o girlfriend steve-o girlfriend

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