Sydney Crosby Girlfriend

Sydney Crosby girlfriend is a status that most of the women would want, because he is a professional ice hockey player and not only that he belongs to a team named Pittsburg Penguins he is also their captain. Although Sydney has had problems with his jaw recently and was operated because of it, he came back to his team healthy and ready to play again. He states that it was easy to get back to the game, because the doctors allowed him to play and he was not scared to be hit again or fall down.

And the current Sydney Crosby girlfriend is – Kathy Leutner

Kathy Leutner can be called Sydney Crosby girlfriend and they are dating in a very serious way. She is an American model, whose pictures were already published on the covers of some magazines. It seems that they have serious relationships, which are going on for a long time now, because they started to date since 2008.
Sydney Crosby girlfriend is been in the modeling sphere since she was 18 and was firstly discovered in her home town which is located near Virginia. In 2011 she has participates in the SI Swimsuit model search, but did not make it. She has a lot of work without participating in swimsuit advertising. Kathy is 26 years old and she has been on the cover of Fitness magazine many times already and is happy about her figure, which looks extremely good.
Sydney Crosby girlfriend is a status that also makes her more famous, but without it she has a lot of advertising to do. She works for a company called Abercrombie & Finch and is happy about her situation there. Also she has made advertisements for Faviana Couture and Hollister Co. and has been working with Click Models Agency.
Further the couple tries to keep their relationship in private section and does not like to share anything about their private life with journalists in order to keep their relationships stronger and just to themselves. Despite the fact that Sydney is not one of the best athletes in the NHL he managed to get a girlfriend which is beautiful and popular and treats him nicely and enjoys her ice hockey game, even though she states herself that she is a fan of Eagles and that is not the team where Sydney plays.
Kathy seems to be happy about her status as Sydney Crosby girlfriend and they manage to fix their life in way that other people would not know what is going on in their personal life.

sydney crosby girlfriend

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