Taylor Lautner Girlfriend

It seems that Taylor Lautner girlfriend is Maika Monroe, who has recently shared her heart with famous Zac Efron. Maika has been going on with Zac since they met on the movie set named At Any Price and they were still seen together looking so much in love and so nice in Tribeca Film Festival that has happened recently. But know the lovely 19 year old actress is Taylor Lautner girlfriend.

And the current Taylor Lautner girlfriend is – Maika Monroe

It is not clear how she could change her shining prince Zac into Taylor, who seems to be letting it lose at the moment and growing his beard and not taking so much care about his looks, but maybe that is what attracts her.

Taylor and the new Taylor Lautner girlfriend were spotted together in LA Dodgers baseball game, thy were having a good time together, holding each other close and cuddling, they were also holdings hands and chatting whenever they wanted and they seemed to be free and not afraid of the public opinion.

Although they have not confirmed their relationship in public it is quite obvious that there is something going on between these two. So the present Taylor Lautner girlfriend can be happy because she is in the place where lots of girls would want to be.

However Taylor also has a past and he has been with different girls, for example Taylor Swift has also had the status of being Taylor Lautner girlfriend but they separated after some time spent together and they were going on official in public, without hiding their relationship.

Selena Gomez in 2009 was also Taylor Loutner girlfriend, but just for a short time, they met when they were filming different movies but in the same town. The also was Taylor Swift, but their relationship were quite short, although they were seen together in one show and their relationship was clear for the public.

He has also been dating with Lily Collins, who was his co-star in the movie Abduction, he seems to be attracted to his co-stars or maybe it is the easiest way to meet new people when you are an actor and you do not have enough free time to do anything else besides playing your roles in movies.

Further, there were also many rumors that different girls could be called as Taylor Lautner girlfriend, but they were just rumors and where not proved. So Taylor can be happy with Maika and spend their time tgether as they want to.

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