Terrell Owens Girlfriend

Terrell Owens being a popular man has had plenty of girls in his life and he continues to break their hearts. Even though he has plenty of fans that would love to become known as Terrell Owens girlfriend, but he likes to choose his women with perfect shapes and lines that are really feminine. It looks like Kip Force is rumored to be the new Terrell Owens girlfriend and usually rumors do not spread if there is no reason for them to be released. It looks like Terrell has stated in his show that he is looking for love and romance and he has been with Kip a couple of years ago but then their romance did not last for long so maybe they are trying to make their relationship work for the second time, because on the media there are plenty of talks that she is Terrell Owens girlfriend.

And the current Terrell Owens girlfriend is – Kip Force

Terrell Owens girlfriend seems to be a model and an author also. She has been attending one reality show named Real Chance of Love recently, but that did not work out for her and she was eliminated in the eight episode. Thus, Terrell likes to date women that are known and nice to look at. Previously he has been linked to a model named Jessica White and she was called as Terrell Owens girlfriend, but this was just for a short time, because after her he was linked with Kenya Moore, who is a star of one reality show called Real Housewives of Atlanta, so he really must like them to be nice and popular and famous in one way or another.
Further, the new Terrell Owens girlfriend, despite being a model has the ability to try out her acting abilities, even though just in short music videos, but she has been seen in plenty of videos recently. For example she has been working with Wiz Khalifa and Gucci Mane and she can be found in their music videos looking perfect with her body curves.
So maybe she did not have to participate in the reality show to find love, because when she has made her relationship with Terrell again she might find love with him. Terrell Owens girlfriend suits his taste perfectly and they seem to be enjoying their time together, at least rumor has it and maybe this time it will work for them and they can be happy together as a couple.

terrell owens girlfriend

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