Theo Walcott Girlfriend

The handsome football player Theo Walcott indeed has a special someone in his life and has had that special someone named Melanie Slade for a long time now. They have been dating for seven years when Theo Walcott girlfriend was asked the fatal question, will she marry him and of course the answer was positive, who could resist this kind of guy like Theo that has his charm. Even though they are still quite young, because both of them were 22 years old when the proposal happened, but that does not get in the way in order to create a family when you know a person that long in their case Theo Walcott girlfriend was with him since they both were fifteen years old so they must know each other perfectly well.

And the current Theo Walcott girlfriend is – Melanie Slade

In the Sunday Mirror it was reported that Theo did everything the old fashioned way as it is supposed to be and he choose a perfect occasion for proposal. They were celebrating the New Year’s Eve when Theo Walcott girlfriend was asked the question. He got down onto one knee and asked it. Theo Walcott girlfriend got an amazing ring that surprises many people, because in the middle of it there is one big diamond and on the sides there are two smaller ones, so no surprise that Melanie was thrilled. A source notes that she was as happy as she has never been entire life, because not only that the ring is perfect, but her dreams came true.
Even though at the beginning the couple did try to hide their relationship status, because they wanted to enjoy it for themselves at first, but it was quite impossible because of the spectacular ring on Theo Walcott girlfriend finger, which was shining in the photos and they had nothing else to do, just to announce that this is true and they are planning to get married.
Further, they planned the wedding not immediately but after some time, because Theo needed to concentrate on his carrier and on the upcoming games. Also Theo Walcott girlfriend has stated before that she wants to get married only when she finishes her studies and so she did and there was nothing more getting in the way for them to create their family that they always wanted. So they got married this year and Theo is thrilled that from the status of Theo Walcott girlfriend he can finally call Melanie as his wife.

theo walcott girlfriend

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