Tiger Woods girlfriend

Tiger Woods’ name rhymes with a lot of scandals recently. There has been an accident with his car and a gold club back in 2009; then he cheated on his beautiful on gorgeous wife Elin Nordegren which led to the divorce. He has not improved not only in his personal, but in his career life, though there are some rumours about a new Tiger Woods girlfriend.

And the current Tiger Woods girlfriend is – Lindsey Vonn

Tiger Woods has not showed to the public media recently. As he hasn‘t done much in his professional life too, his was not interesting for the paparazzi for quite a long time. It would be this way, but then the rumours about a new Tiger Woods girlfriend appeared and he is back.
Everyone was amused by the fact that a new Tiger Woods girlfriend appeared to be another hot and beautiful blonde – Lindsey Vonn. Everyone noticed that Tiger Woods girlfriend is another blonde and therefore it is quite obvious whom famous golf player is attracted to.
Well, the only difference is that a new Tiger Woods girlfriend is more sophisticated and elegant than his former girlfriends. Maybe Tiger Woods has grown up and now is taste is more mature than it is used to be.

However, if new Tiger Woods girlfriend is so elegant and gorgeous, it is quite unclear why she is dating that cheating golf player? Maybe she is trying to act careful about him and is testing him. Nobody knows exactly because current Tiger Woods girlfriend is not very open about her personal life with Tiger Woods.
It is known, thought, that they met each other last November and they are together ever since. The famous golf player has even visited his girlfriend to Austria to watch her compete. It is quite interesting that they met through the ski community they both attended. Lindsey Vonn was teaching his children how to ski and this is how they met.

There are still a lot of rumours about the Tiger Woods girlfriend. People say that a cheater will always be a cheater and she should not believe in him. We hope that she knows what she is getting into when she is dating Tiger Woods. What is more, we hope that he does not have more feelings for his ex wife Elin Nordegren left because if this is the way to get back with her together, then the famous golf player is doing a pretty bad job.

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