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When it comes to the popular Tom Cruise ladies should be afraid, because he is the actor that has had plenty of pretty women in his life and some were really popular and he has been married for three times and ended his marriage so he must be really picky, because at the moment he is single and available and there is no Tom Cruise girlfriend even though finding one would not be so hard, because he is really popular and not only this he is also good looking. All of the women that used to date him are special in one way or another and all of them were beautiful so this would be the most important thing that his woman should be, good looking. It appears that there was a time when Rebecca Demornay and Melissa Gilbert were called as Tom Cruise girlfriend and not only this he lived together with Rebecca but things did not work out for them and they broke up.

And the current Tom Cruise girlfriend is – Single

It appears that one of the famous women in his life was the singer Cher and he has dated her just in the beginning of his carrier as an actor and this was shocking for his fans, because Cher, called as Tom Cruise girlfriend was ten years older than him, thus now this does not matter so much, because all of his wives were older than him and taller than him also. His most recent wife was Kate Holmes and she was called as Tom Cruise girlfriend for some time. Thus this was his third divorce and he is one of the celebrities that like to get married, because there are plenty of people that do not want to commit and he is not afraid even though all the time he ends up divorced.
The first wife that he has had was named Mimi Rogers and they got married in 1980s thus their marriage lasted for two years only and she was called as Tom Cruise girlfriend only for this period of time. Thus she was important in his life as a person because she was the one that introduced him to scientology so he should be thankful for her. The next one that he has married was Nicole Kidman and their marriage began in 1990 an it looked like she was the love of his life and a perfect Tom Cruise girlfriend, but even though they have two children together they divorced after ten years and them Tom married for the third time and now is single again, so maybe he will marry fourth the fourth time as soon as he finds a perfect lady to fall in love.

tom cruise girlfriend tom cruise girlfriend

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