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Tom Felton is one of the lead actors of the Harry Potter saga and he became mostly famous for his role as Draco Malfoy, even though, he has been acting since he was eight, his biggest success came with the movie. Tom Felton girlfriend is Jade Olivia a beautiful British brunette.

And the current Tom Felton girlfriend is – Jade Olivia

Tom Felton girlfriend has been with him for three years now and there is not so much information about their relationships on the internet, but their pictures speak for all the words, because the couple looks happy with one another. Tom Felton girlfriend was working as the Stunt Coordinator’s Assistant for the Harry Potter saga and that was how the couple met and it was a good thing that they were working together, because the actors spend 14 hours a day on set and if they were not both working there they would not have seen each other so often.
Tom Felton girlfriend became famous partly because of him; because when the producers were preparing to film Deathly Hallows they thought that she has to play the role of Draco’s wife because in real life Tom and Jade looked so good together. It was a hard work for everyone to convince Tom Felton girlfriend to do it, but she finally agreed and became Astoria Greengrass in the movie.
Before she did the role for the movie she was doing some work with Potter movies and that was how Tom saw her for the first time and began to like her. He states that there was game that they used to play while filming and one day Jade joined them with it.
There are a lot of Tom fans that criticize Ton Felton girlfriend because of many things, because of how she looks, there is an existing opinion that she is too slim, and her way of dressing also does not suit Tom’s fans, but they will talk anyway, no matter what kind of girl he would have, there will always be jealous people that does not want them to be together and happy.
Further To Felton girlfriend inspires him to write song about her and he has stated that most of his lyrics are dedicated only for her and in order to make her happy. That is another reason why Tom’s fans must hate her, because she is like a muse to him. Thus, Tom seems to be happy with her and she is happy with him and they make a great couple.

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