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Tom Hardy, who is famous for his acting carrier and different roles that he played in movies, one of the famous one being a super villain in The Dark Knight Rises named Bane. For a long time Charlotte Riley was called as Tom Hardy girlfriend, because they were even engaged. However their relationships were not going steady all the way. In 2011 they have broken of their relationship and rumor has it that it happened because of a famous singer Lindsay Lohan, but after a few moths they started their relationships again.

And the current Tom Hardy girlfriend is – Noomi Rapace

When Tom Hardy girlfriend got back with him, they announced about their engagement for the whole world, although, Hardy stated that Charlotte did not want to marry him, because she was afraid of marriage in general and that got in the way of their relationship, because Tom wanted the marriage, but Tom Hardy girlfriend stated that he is extremely needy.
Due to the fact that Tom has become close to Noomi Rapace, the main actress of the movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, his relationship with Charlotte came to an end. Even though Tom spoke about his relationship with Riley and about their wedding that had no date, because they could not decide when to get married. The couple also stated that their wedding is supposed to be simple, but not extravagant like most of the Hollywood marriages are. However he has joked once that the journalists have to ask Tom Hardy girlfriend about their wedding date, because she is too busy to find time for him.
Further it seems that Tom has not divorced with his fiancé and is spending a lot of time with Noomi Rapace, who is already known as Tom Hardy girlfriend, because of their appearance together in different events and their way of spending time together, when they are holding hands and cuddling and having fun and Riley is not around then.
It seems that Tom does not know which way to go, his body language with Noomi is obvious but he has not divorced with Charlotte yet. Further Tom Hardy girlfriend, it seems that the former one, Charlotte was living with him and his son that he has from his relationships with Rachael Speed, in his house in London. So things are quite messed up for Tom and he should decide which girl does he want to be with and end his relationship with at least one of them, so that the other could be named as Tom Hardy girlfriend.

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