Tomas Berdych Girlfriend

Tomas Berdych is a successful tennis player and he is ranked as sixth among the best of the world, so it is clear that his girlfriend has to suit him. Tomas Berdych girlfriend is Ester Satorova. The couple has been together since 2011 and Ester being a good girlfriend has been seen with him in a number of games that he has played, sitting among the audience and giving him all the support that he needs.

And the current Tomas Berdych girlfriend is – Ester Satorova

Tomas Berdych girlfriend is a Czech model, who is only 21 years old; she has worked in three different countries up to now and has been on at least two magazine covers. The exact time when their relationships started is unknown, but the couple was seen together since Tomas Berdych girlfriend has accompanied him to his tournaments from the later part of the year 2011 and since then she is so devoted that she never misses a match of his game.
Tomas has a lot of media attention and his relationships attract even more journalists, because the 27 years old tennis player has dated a famous Czech player Lucie Safarova and she was known as Tomas Berdych girlfriend for a long time, close to ten years. Then their relationships came to an end, but Tomas did not wait for a long time to find another girl, whose last name is similar to his ex-girlfriends.
Tomas has talked in one interview about differences of dating people that have the same work that he does and dating someone outside the sports sphere. He notes that the new Tomas Berdych girlfriend is great for him, because he likes her profession and it is great to date someone that does not play tennis. The former Tomas Berdych girlfriend was also a tennis player, just like him, so he notes that it was too much of tennis in his life and he needed to change something.
Further, Tomas Berdych girlfriend is good at making her own way in life and her modeling carrier, due to her standard and perfect body lines she is ranked quite high among other models and that might be the reason why Tomas was interested in her as a girl. It looks that Tomas is having much more good time dating a girl that is from different sphere than sports and he states that Ester is good for him, maybe she is his lucky charm in all the games that he plays.

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