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Tony Parker girlfriend is Axelle Francine and not only that she is his girl, but they are apparently engaged and he was the one that told the good news on his twitter page and also when he held a Q&A in association with Tissot watches. It appears that when people asked him a question about his free time he could not help himself and wanted to share the news, because this was the first question that he received and he stated that it would be a smart thing to ask his fiancé what he likes to do at his spare time, because she is the person that can answer this question in the best way, so he must be really into Tony Parker girlfriend.

And the current Tony Parker girlfriend is – Axelle Francine

Tony Parker girlfriend got this kind of status since February of 2012 when they started dating, thus their relationship could have begun earlier, but this date is known for the public. Tony Parker girlfriend is a French journalist and she enjoys coming and watching how her man plays during the games. Last month Axelle even went to Memphis in order to watch the Western Conference finals against the Grizzlies. Thus, she came not only to see the games, but she also wanted to spend a little time with her fiancé and the two love birds were seen kissing in the hallway, so he must have been happy that she came.
Further, there were news that Tony Parker girlfriend and Tony were going to shop for engagement rings, so apparently their engagement was not so big surprise for the people and their friends. Moreover Tony has been married before proposing for the current Tony Parker girlfriend and his divorce are highly-publicized. His former wife was TV star Eva Longoria. They got married in 2007 and decided to divorce in 2010 so they spent only three years being husband and wife. But their official brake up was in 2011 when they were divorced. Not only that Tony did not take a long time in order to find someone new, but his former wife also does not wait and she is dating other people. Thus even though they broke up Eva still is a fan of his team Spurs and wishes them good luck in their games. So as long as everyone is happy with the current situation it is all right. Toy Parker girlfriend can be calm with him.

tony parker girlfriend

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