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Trey Songz personal life is important for all of his fans, because not only that are people interested in the way that Trey makes his music or what he does in his carrier and the new roles that he gets in movies, but they are also curious about the fact, who is Trey Songz girlfriend and all of the rumors are interesting for the people that like him.

And the current Trey Songz girlfriend is – Tanaya Henry

The rumors had it that Lauren London was Trey Songz girlfriend not so long ago, because they were seen together many times and there were a lot of pictures of this couple on the internet. The talks about them being together started after one basketball game that they attended together and enjoying one another’s company and having fun.
However, Lauren London, Trey Songz girlfriend in the eyes of society stated that she has known
Trey for a long time and she sees their relationship only as friends enjoying one another’s company and being able to talk. Thus, Trey has released his opinion, that at one point they were “lowers” and maybe that was what he thought or what he wanted from Lauren. But she made it clear that their relationships are strictly friendly and nothing more.
So the question of who is Trey Songz girlfriend remained unanswered and he was kind of single, but that was not for so long, because Trey has posted some pictures with him and a girl on his Instagram account and it seems that he might be of the market. He seems like his is enjoying the closeness of a new girl and maybe this is the new Trey Songz girlfriend. The picture was with him and a girl in his arms; he was hugging her and looking cozy together.
The girl in that photograph is a model named Tanaya Henry and not only that he has a picture with her on his account, she has also posted pictures of them being together. Although they state that they are just friends and were best friends for the last couple of years, these pictures look like they are more than friends and rumor has it that their relationship has been going on and off for several years now. Even though Tanaya denies the fact that she is the new Trey Songz girlfriend none of his fans think that this is true, because their pictures are obviously not as friendly as they think that they seem.

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