Tyga Girlfriend

Tyga has a girlfriend, whose past does not concern him, although it might concern his fans and the society in general. Tyga girlfriend is Blac Chyna, a former strip dancer. It appears that Tyga liked her so much, that he has even made her pregnant and now she is not a strip dancer anymore. Tyga girlfriend can be proud to have a man that does not care about her past and is even ready to have a child with her.

And the current Tyga girlfriend is – Blac Chyna

The rumor has it that they were planning their wedding on the 11th of May, because this day is special for Tyga girlfriend, it is her twenty fifth birthday, so they can celebrate two occasions during one day.
Tyga states himself about Blac in one interview that she is perfect for him and that he began to like her from the day that he saw her and she did not have time to be with him, because of all kind of activities that she takes up in order to gain money. Tyga girlfriend refused to meet with him for a couple of months, because she had all kind of photo shoots and other things to do and also Tyga was busy with a tour so he also did not have enough time and he notes that it was not so good.
Finally when Tyga girlfriend and he found time to spend with each other, they spent three weeks together in a row and he notes that at that time he knew that she was the one that he wants to spend his future with and that she is perfect. Also Tyga states that it is a good thing to let a girl spent time as she wants and to go crazy while she is young and capable of doing what she wants and even being bad. He states that there were girls who he brought to meet all his rapper friends and that they were good girls, but when they got into this kind of company they began to go crazy and did not control themselves, so it is better to have a girl that has been crazy and wild.
Tyga girlfriend is free minded and she states that she is not afraid to allow other people in their bedroom and that she is not the type of a jealous girl that most women are and she is one way or another pregnant from him, so Tyga girlfriend can be calm, because he seems to love her.

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