Tyler Blackburn Girlfriend

The famous television series Pretty Little Liars has gained success for the biggest part of the actors that have roles in it including the hansom Tyler Blackburn that plays the role of Caleb and looks really good in the show. So there are a lot of rumors about Tyler Blackburn girlfriend, but the only one that is true is the one where he is rumored to be single. Thus, from the beginning of the television series and that time when he started to act a lot of different talks were made about Tyler Blackburn girlfriend.

And the current Tyler Blackburn girlfriend is – Single

There are a lot of most recent interviews with this actor, where things are changed in a fast way because in the February of the year 2011 Seventeen magazine took his interview and the actor stated that out of all the actresses that there are in television series the one that plays Aria is the closest one to the type of the girl that he would date in real life. So apparently he likes dark colored hair girls that have nice body lines and a pretty face. Thus, in March this year he has notes to another magazine that Tyler Blackburn girlfriend does not exist at the moment and that he is single.
Thus, the way that Tyler spends his free time puts a lot reasons for different rumors to be made about him, because despite the fact that he states that Tyler Blackburn girlfriend does not exist, he has been photographed having a vacation in Hawaii with some kind of a beautiful blond girl, so there goes his taste for dark haired ones. Thus, it happened in August and maybe she was just a girl, because all they did was enjoyed long walks on the beach together and they did not kiss in the public.
However, Tyler has never brought any girl to different public events and none of them can be called as Tyler Blackburn girlfriend. Moreover, he likes to go out and spend some time with his co-star that plays his girlfriend in television series, but they are only friends and she has a boy that she confirms is really her boyfriend and she states that their relationship are strong. So maybe Tyler is really single and there is no special someone that would have the opportunity to be called as Tyler Blackburn girlfriend. Thus, the actor has plenty of female fans so he has a lot of attention.

tyler blackburn girlfriend tyler blackburn girlfriend

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