Tyler Perry Girlfriend

Tyler Perry girlfriend can be happy and thrilled, because he has finally decided to propose and to make their marriage happen. Tyler, who is a super producer, shares his thrilled emotions, because he has found the one that he wants to spend his whole life with and be happy together.

And the current Tyler Perry girlfriend is – Gelila Bekele

Tyler Perry girlfriend is Ethiopian and she is a model, because she has an amazing charm that not all models have. Recently in one interview Tyler revealed all of his emotions. He has stated that he was able to let someone in his heart and soul only after The Oprah Winfrey Show, where he revealed his hard childhood and it worked as a therapeutic thing for him. After that he was finally able to release his demons and allow himself to find a girl that could be called as Tyler Perry girlfriend.
It seems that only after this show he has decided to talk to his ex-girlfriend that he was madly in love with but to whom separated because of his past and after doing the talk with Oprah everything became much easier and he was able to reveal his true emotions and become happy.
Tyler Perry girlfriend can be happy, because he has revealed in one interview that know he will be married in no time and create a family and be happy about it. Although he has not confirmed the rumors that Gelila and Tyler are engaged and planning their wedding, he stated that he will have kinds in no time and that he would love to have a full family.
He has stated that Tyler Perry girlfriend loves him and that he is madly in love with her, but left other details of their personal life for himself without continuing with the topic any deeper. It seems that they have agreed to keep their life for themselves not for everyone to know and that is good thing in keeping their relationships strong.
It seems that the rumor has it that Tyler Perry girlfriend has told her closest friends that they are getting married, according to one of her friends they have already looked for wedding rings and have been searching for a perfect place for their union to happen. Although there were rumors about Tyler’s sexual orientation it appears that he is trying to fix them by creating a family. Tyler Perry girlfriend can be happy because of their union, because when he fixed his problems, no doubt that he is going to be a good man.

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