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Tyler Posey, the young star of Teen Wolf has opened up about his relationships in one interview when he was attending the Annual Saturn Awards in Burbank, California. He has talked to US Weekly and tried to open up about Tyler Posey Girlfriend, who is Seana Gorlick. Even if Tyler is only 21 years old and he has the whole life in front of him still, he reveals that he knew that one girl in the one for him and that they are meant to be in the early stages of his life, when he was attending middle school.

And the current Tyler Posey girlfriend is – Seana Gorlick

Tyler states that when he was eleven years old he knew Seana and he wanted her to be Tyler Posey girlfriend ever since then. He states that he was too young to understand what true love is and what is the thing that he feels for Tyler Posey girlfriend, he just understood that they share something special from the beginning they had some kind of connection. Tyler states that he always knew that love is supposed to be like this, when you cannot describe what you fell, but you know that it is really strong and important.
When Tyler was asked about engagement and further development of his relationships he stated that he would love to get engaged to Tyler Posey girlfriend, because he wants to spend his whole life with her and only her and he has also stated that age does not matter when there is love, because the emotions of two people are the most important. He states that he is really in love and that he knows it. He has known Tyler Posey girlfriend for a long time and they know each other perfectly and the age excuse would not make sense.
Tyler Posey has also stated that meeting Seana was the best thing that has happened in his entire life and that he would not change her into nothing. Due to the fact that Tyler is acting in the third season of Teen Wolf he does not have so much time to spend with Tyler Posey girlfriend so in order to make up for her, he has bought tickets to Hawaii for them in order to have a rest together. And when Tyler was asked about him proposing to Tyler Posey girlfriend when they will be in Hawaii, he answered that he cannot say anything, because Seana is standing behind him. So when they get engaged it will not surprise anyone.

tyler posey girlfriend

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