Tyson Beckford Girlfriend

Tyson Beckford Girlfriend Shanina Shaik has participated in one reality show in order to make her carrier as a model and it was called Make Me A Supermodel. Thus, she failed to win the contest, because she was not good enough to make a perfect impression for the judges. However despite losing this show Tyson Beckford girlfriend tried hard and became a model for Victoria’s Secret and in this way she fulfilled her dream. Further Tyson is stating that Shanina’s success is due to the fact that they are dating and he also states that he made her the way that she is now.

And the current Tyson Beckford girlfriend is – Shanina Shaik

Tyson has stated that the fact that Shanina’s success began to rise so fast just as soon as she stated dating him, because he has been in modeling carrier for a long time now and he has worked with famous models such as Naomi Campbell. Tyson Beckford girlfriend is twenty years younger than him, because he is 41 years old and she is only 21 years old. They met on the set of filming the reality show that she has participated in during the year 2008 and apparently they stayed together ever since then.
Tyson does like to brag about the way that he has made Shanina perfect, because he states that the first time when they met she was just an ordinary girl and did not have anything special, but then he started working with her. Tyson Beckford girlfriend got her teeth cleaned because he wanted it, further he gave her color tone and took her to different places, where she met people that helped her carrier to rise. He states that there are people claiming that Tyson Beckford girlfriend can do better than him, but he then notes that he created her.
After the filming of the show Tyson Beckford girlfriend signed immediately with one modeling agency named Next Model Management and the fact that she has her exotic looks really helped in order to approve it even more and become desirable for a lot of people. Thus, she has worked ever since signing her contracts and when she walked during Victoria’s Secret show she gained a lot of attention and ever since then there is plenty of work for her. So it seems that they are a perfect couple, both of them are models and one of them likes to take credit for another, so Tyson Beckford girlfriend is happy with them being together and the fact that he helped her.

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