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There are sensational new rumours which run faster than Usain Bold himself. Usain Bolt girlfriend dumped him because of a long distance relationship between them. Isn‘t it ironic a bit? Fastest man in the world was not fast enough to eliminate the miles between Jamaica and England so he could meet his girlfriend. As we know, this is the only reason why Usain Bolt girlfriend dumped him.

And the current Usain Bolt girlfriend is – Megan Edwards

According to Usain Bolt girlfriend, this kind of relationship was quite difficult for her to cope with. She adds that Usain is devastated after the break up.
After the last time Usain Bolt girlfriend went to see him in his homeland, she told him that is too difficult for her. As she claimed, the distance was a problem for her and that is the reason why she broke up with him.

22 years old sprinter Megan Edwards had a lot of in common with her. She could not take eyes from her athletic body and pretty face. After getting her number, he took her for a lot of dates to make her his girlfriend. Megan Edwards was Usain Bolt girlfriend for three moths secretly because of the Olympics looming.
As Usain Bolt girlfriend Megan states, he was the one who decided to keep their relationship as a secret. He wanted to concentrate on the Olympics. Even after that he wanted to her in his house because it was hard for him to go to the public.
That was quite a shocking fact because Usain Bolt is known as a very confident man. After all, he is a champion who was the first to won both 100 and 200 metres Olympic gold.

However, ex Usain Bolt girlfriend found more modest man than she could imagine. He was very calm, modest and sweet, nothing like we can see after the races he wins. The relationship evolved and then the famous runner decided to invite her to his home in Jamaica, to introduce her with his family.
But the former Usain Bolt girlfriend Megan Edwards found out that her holiday time was limited up to 5 weeks and that her relationship with Usain Bold would be impossible. That was the actual time when she said to him that she does not see future in their relationship.
Hopefully, Usain Bolt will not stay devastated for much longer and will get on his feet soon. Do you think Megan Edwards made a mistake letting the miles between the couple separate them completely?

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