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Usher girlfriend Grace Miguel is not only his girl, but she used to be his manager and won his heart by doing her job. It seems that Usher is still in court fighting with his former wife, because of the custody of his two children, that both are boys. Usher girlfriend also has two children of her own, so together they make a big happy family. Thus, when their relationship began it looks like they both were in married to other people, so they managed to hide their emotions for each other perfectly, until they both divorced and could go in public together.

And the current Usher girlfriend is – Grace Miguel

Thus at the beginning there were rumors that these two do not want to go out in public, because Usher is more popular being single, but these may be just rumors. Recently they both were participating in one interview, where Usher girlfriend and Usher himself confessed that they were mixing work with pleasure, what often becomes fatal and ends in a bad way but for them it is working perfectly for a couple of years now.
Usher girlfriend notes that in the music business the team that is made in order to help Usher are all like one big family and that is the way that he has achieved such a success, because they all watch out for each other and take care of one another. She has also stated that the personal connection is important and helps not to cheat anyone and become a real team.
The fact that Usher is fighting his former wife in order to get the custody of his children might seems strange because she seems to be a good mother for them, but apparently the father wants to spend much more time with his sons. Thus the current Usher girlfriend has some similarities with his former wife. Even their looks is similar and not to mention the same type, that is a good mother and he falls for this kind of girls, so Usher girlfriend should not feel so safe with him, because he might trade her for another one. Thus, recently they posted a lot of pictures on twitter with all of them including Usher girlfriend and her children and him with his two boys were having fun like a real family and they all looked happy. Further, Usher has won the custody of his children and now they are living with him.

usher girlfriend

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