Valentino Rossi Girlfriend

Not only that Linda Morselli is Valentino Rossi girlfriend, she is also his lucky charm. She is having her carrier as a model and she is perfect at what she does because she is one of the most recognizable models of Italy and she is one of the most popular ones that people want to hire. And from the day that she became known as Valentino Rossi girlfriend she achieves even more offers and her carrier can reach the top. Further it appears that Valentino Rossi girlfriend is not the type that likes glamour and expensive places; she rather enjoys spending her time in places where she can have some delicious food to eat.

And the current Valentino Rossi girlfriend is – Linda Morselli

She is a simple girl and likes to enjoy her time there were people are not always watching, because she likes to feel free especially when it is summer and it is hot outside, so she enjoys being just with a swimsuit and walking her dog. It looks like Valentino Rossi girlfriend is really important in his life, because she brought his smile back. She is the one that encouraged him to go on and it appears that he became even better when she is around. Valentino Rossi girlfriend gave him all her love and he started to try even harder in order to achieve his goals. She is the type of a person that all men would enjoy dating, because she is funny and manages to keep a smile on her boyfriend’s face.
Valentino Rossi girlfriend enjoys spending time outside having a walk and holding hands, she feels free then. Further, she likes to go to a café and have a drink of beer, so she is really simple and special in Valentino’s life. The most important thing that is clearly noticeable between these two is the love that they share, because it is evident in the pictures that they are in love and they also share passion and that is really important among two people.
Even though Valentino Rossi girlfriend is pretty and she is a model she does not like to share her life with the media because she likes to keep it to herself and after something happens in her life if the paparazzi know much about her they could come after her family and that would be annoying. So the couple suits each other perfectly and they seem to be happy.

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