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Vin Diesel girlfriend is the Mexican model named Paloma Jimenez so all of the women that have fallen for him can be sad, because their relationship seems to be strong and passionate. Vin is an actor that is famous for many movies and he gets plenty of offers to act in different ones, because of his looks, but not only this, the tone of his voice is spectacular and that might be the basic reason that he has so many female fans that would love to be with him. Even though this is not his real name, because he changed it while he was working in one night club, people are used to calling him this way. it appears that his childhood was not easy, because he has never knows who his real biological father is.

And the current Vin Diesel girlfriend is – Paloma Jimenez

It appears that the actor gained his voice when he was fifteen years old and that was the time when it became so mature and people did not even recognize him at the beginning when they were calling for him, so he is happy about the tone of his voice. He has two brothers and one sister, one of his brothers is his twin. In 2001 Vin Diesel girlfriend was his co-star from the movie Fast & Furious Michelle Rodriguez. But their relationship did not last for so long and now the former Vin Diesel girlfriend is known as bisexual because she has been into different affairs with women and not only men in her life.
So now Vin Diesel girlfriend is a Mexican model Paloma Jimenez and not only that they are a couple in 2008 she gave birth to his daughter named Hania Riley. Once he has stated that even though he looks like a hard and tough man for his daughter he is a soft father and he loves his role as a father so as he loves his daughter. The actor has also stated that it is better for him to be dating in Europe, because that is the place were celebrities are not romantically linked to one another and Vin Diesel girlfriend should be from Europe. Further he states that he does not want for media to know his personal life and Vin Diesel girlfriend should also like to live in quite when it comes to relationship, because he does not want people to be talking about these things. People can talk about his carrier and the movies that he has acted in but not about his personal life.

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