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Since Wentworth Miller took a part in one of the most successful TV series Prison Brake, he appeared in the spotlight of the mass media. Everyone is talking who can be new Wentworth Miller girlfriend? His dating story is quite fascinating so we should analyze it first.

And the current Wentworth Miller girlfriend is – Nadine Coyle

Well in the year of 2006 new Wentworth Miller girlfriend was rumored to be a singer Nadine Coyle who is now engaged to Jason Bell. They looked really superb together and were one of the most wanted couples at that time, but it is obvious that finally they did not stick together.
From the year 2006 to 2007 an actor was rumored to have a new Wentworth Miller girlfriend who was said to be Mariana Klaveno. It really looked that this time the British born actor has found his better half, but it is obvious now that the relationship somehow did not work out. Her exotic looks and his beauty were really a tasteful bite for the paparazzi.
It looks like there is no concrete type for a new Wentworth Miller girlfriend so why it is so hard to find the one? Maybe because there are a lot of possibilities out there. And even more possibilities when you like girls as much as boys! There are so many rumors about this, because he was frequently seen with a homosexual actor Luke MacFarlene. Of course, there are no certain proves for that, but they were seen to spend quite a lot time together.
From 2007 to 2008 Wentworth Miller girlfriend was Amie Bruce and, up till now, he had no other, well, at least no other known relationships.
But now the information about a new Wentworth Miller girlfriend is confirmed. The British actor is now constantly being seen with his assistant from Prison Break. She is usually seen visiting him. The name of the girl is still in secret, but it looks like a very serious deal, only by looking at them.
The actor has always been quite private with his life, but the fans out there, especially the female fans, from all over the world want to know exactly what is happening. Most of them want to date this beautiful, talented and successful actor, but as far as we know, he already has met the girl who he may call the one. Girls out there should calm down and adore the actor from the distance!

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