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Most of the women know who William Levy is because of his roles in different soap operas and because of his looks that is perfect for a man, so no wonder that he has plenty of female fans that would do anything in order to spend at least a day with him or become known as William Levy girlfriend. It looks like there are some important things about his life that his fans could not know. He is from Cojimar and that is east of Havana in Cuba and when he was 14 years old he moved to Miami in Florida and not only that he is good looking but he managed to study in university business administration, but later on he studied acting.

And the current William Levy girlfriend is – Single

It looks like there once was a lucky girl that was called as William Levy girlfriend and she was Mexican-American actress named Elizabeth Gutierrez and they have two children together. But in 2011 William Levy girlfriend and the actor decided to end their relationship after eight years spend together. Thus the eight years were also interesting for them because their relationship were the type that continued and broke off and continued again. It appears that when it comes to the children that the former William Levy girlfriend gave birth to and that are his he tries to give them as much time as they need, because he notes that he wants them to have everything that he has never had when he was a child. Even though his children live with the former William Levy girlfriend he often flies to Mexico, where they are living, because he wants to be a big part in their life.
The fact that William is considered to be one of the sexiest men of the planet this status might get in the way for him to finding a potential William Levy girlfriend, because with this status comes a lot of scandals and he has been a part of one. In 2010 there was one woman that accused him of sexual battery. It appears that she accused him because they had sex when she was only 17 years and that she has blackmailed him so that she would keep quiet. It looks like Levy does not deny that he has met this girl, but he states that she claimed that she is 19 years old and one fact is clear that she was never an official William Levy girlfriend.

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