Willow Smith Girlfriend

It appears that there is an existing opinion that the famous actor’s Will Smith daughter that he has with his long time wife is thought to be lesbian. Due to the fact that her family is popular and always on the spotlight Willow is also loomed at and the public opinion is that Willow Smith girlfriend should exist or that she does exist, but the family manages to hide this in a perfect way in order to give their daughter as normal life as it could be for a person so popular.

And the current Willow Smith girlfriend is – Single

Jaden Smith has stated about the public opinion that Willow Smith girlfriend exists. Her mother has noted in her Facebook account that the opinion highly exists, because the fact that her daughter decided to wear her hair the way that they are now, makes her look kind of like a boy, because she is still too young to have the figure of a normal female curves. Jaden states that she cannot allow or let her daughter do what she wants with her body, because if she has to ask for her permission than this means that the girl’s body does not belong to her and she has to ask permission when she wants to do something.
Further, Willow Smith girlfriend does not exist, because she is just too young and even if she is homosexual that is her choice. Because Willow’s father also notes that he cannot teach his daughter what to do with her hair, because she can choose whatever she wants. So apparently her parents agree on this issue and they want their daughter to know that her body belongs only to her and she has the choice to cut her hair and dress the way that she needs to.
The existing opinion is that Willow Smith girlfriend exists, because of the simple fact that she spends most of her time in public with the same girl that has blond hairs and looks really nice. Further the girl that is supposed to be Willow Smith girlfriend likes to dress in a more colorful way than she does, so they are quite different. Thus people can think what they want as long as she and her family knows the truth and as long as they are all satisfied with the idea of who she is. And the public can be sure that Willow Smith girlfriend does not exist at the moment.

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