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Who would have thought that the bad boy rapper Wiz Khalifa is such a good future father? Wiz Khalifa girlfriend is now pregnant with his child and they are looking forward for his coming. Actually, Wiz Khalifa girlfriend and the actor himself are waiting for the baby so badly that the rapper, who is said to have a bad attitude on the stage, actually gave up his smoking habit and completely banned the smokes from the cigarettes from his house in the sake of the still unborn child.

And the current Wiz Khalifa girlfriend is – Amber Rose

Wiz Khalifa girlfriend who is a model has confirmed her pregnancy recently and Wiz Khalifa as a proud father was standing next to her when she announced the news. Actually, it happened during the MTV video Music awards when Wiz Khalifa girlfriend officially showed her pregnancy belly. The results were quite visible so we do not actually know for how long Wiz Khalifa girlfriend is pregnant.

The rapper Wiz Khalifa himself has pronounced that has not given up the smoking yet. Of course, how could he when the stress of the upcoming fatherhood is in his shoulders. But he says that he has banned the smoking itself from the house. When he feels like he wants to smoke, he just has to outside. In this way Wiz Khalifa girlfriend does not have to inhale the smoke of the cigarettes.

Well, Wiz Khalifa girlfriend does not have this habit of smoking. So as the rapper told during the interview, he goes to the outside to have a smoke because if it irritates his girlfriend so much, he has to reduce the smell of the smoke. So maybe he does not care about the baby as much as he cares for his wife? Well, we out the possibility because after this kind gesture he showed that he can leave his bad boy attitude on the stage and be a good father when he is at home.
As we can see from the pictures, Wiz Khalifa girlfriend is quite happy not only because of her baby, but because of Wiz Khalifa decision too.
And this might mean that the current Wiz Khalifa girlfriend is the one, because the rapper has given up this bad habit for her.

But it is only up to you to decide whether Wiz Khalifa behaviour is good enough to show that he will be a good father and a loving husband.

wiz khalifa girlfriend wiz khalifa girlfriend

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