Xavi Hernandez Girlfriend

Xavi, who is a known football player of Barcelona, has a girl that he loves very much. Xavi Hernandez girlfriend is named Nuria Cunillera. And they both are content about their relationship, but for his fans it is hard to find out something more about the couple, due to simple reasons, Xavi Hernandez girlfriend likes to keep her personal life just for herself and she is not a big fan of the media, so they try not to be public personas. It appears that Xavi agrees on this with her, so they both do not talk about their personal lives with journalists. It appears that Xavi Hernandez girlfriend is not like many girls that famous football players date and she is special maybe that is the reason why he is so interested in Nuria.

And the current Xavi Hernandez girlfriend is – Nuria Cunillera

The couple enjoys spending their time together and sources note that in 2012 they spend their vacation in Ibiza where they were seen having fun and some photos of these two were made. Further Xavi Hernandez girlfriend travels with him, when he needs her to accompany him. She has been to Ukraine and Poland together with Xavi.
Even though there is not so much information about Xavi Hernandez girlfriend some basic fact about her are known. She was born in Sabadell in 1981. She graduated journalism and the fact that she does not like to be public, may seem strange because Nuria herself is in this sphere. But latter on she decided to specialize in fashion journalism at her studies. Xavi Hernandez girlfriend apparently works in the Public Relations sector, but she has not forgot her carrier as a journalist, because it seems that she might be working for the Pinkermoda website, because she has posted links on her twitter page that are articles from this particular website.
Thus, Xavi Hernandez girlfriend keeps a low profile, her boyfriend on the other hand is really famous, and mostly because of his achievements in football. He has appeared in three world cups and three European Championships. Also he has the status of being the fifth best player of the FIFA in the world, so he really is popular. Moreover Xavi Hernandez girlfriend is a big support for him on his carrier and he seems to be happy with her. Further, Xavi must like his girls from one profession, because his former girl was also a journalist.

xavi hernandez girlfriend

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