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It looks like real life for the actresses might sometimes be similar to the movies that they play roles in because there are plenty of conflict situations that they get into and that sometimes end in not such a nice way. So the actor Yuvraj Singh girlfriend just recently got into one conflict that has become popular in the media and there is stopping to it, because people do not forget this conflict even though it has happened earlier and some time has passed from the time that it took place. Lisa Bocarro is the name of Yuvraj Singh girlfriend that was participating in the conflict.

And the current Yuvraj Singh girlfriend is – Lisa Bocarro

It appears that one actor named Kunal Khemu has been hosting his birthday party, because he was turning thirty so he wanted to make a real celebration from it and he organized it together with his girlfriend named Soha Ali Khan. It appears that the celebration has been attended by plenty Bollywood stars and it was supposed to be just like in the movie big. So Yuvraj Singh girlfriend was also attending and Salman Khan’s sister named Arpita was among the guests as well and these two girls made a real show at the birthday party.
It appears that Yuvraj Singh girlfriend was the one that started the fight, because Arpita was not expecting anything and she was just having a talk with someone when Lisa showed out of nowhere and called her a world that is far from being nice when pointing her finger straight at Arpita. Then they started to argue and call each other things that are not nice at all. It appears that people who hosted the celebration tried really hard to calm these two down, but this did not work and things got out of control.
It appears that Arpita complained for her brother and Yuvraj Singh girlfriend was asked to leave the party because of her bad behavior that was not nice for people to watch. So Yuvraj Singh girlfriend left the party together with her man. But when one newspaper contacted Yuvraj Singh girlfriend she had a different story to tell for the media. It appears that she stated that the fight did not include her and people are mixing things, she stated that it was another girl arguing with Arpita and that she is not involved in this incident, thus there are people that confirm that she was involved so the life of Yuvraj Singh girlfriend and Yuvraj himself seems to be as interesting as a movie.

yuvraj singh girlfriend yuvraj singh girlfriend

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