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Zac Efron is an actor that is famous for his roles in the High School Musical films and being so young he has already gained a history in having a lot of girlfriends. The rumor was that Vanessa Hudgens, who was his co-star in the movies was supposed to be called Zac Efron girlfriend, but it seems that this have ended.

And the current Zac Efron girlfriend is – Vanessa Hudgens

His relationship with the co-star of High School Musical were continuing for quite a while they were going on since they began to date during their filming in 2006 and were going on up until 2010. Many of their fans got sad about their brake up, because according to them they were perfect for each other.
Then there was a rumor that Teresa Palmer can be called as Zac Efron girlfriend in 2011, even if they were seen together in one movie premier and people talked that they were more like a couple than just two friends. Further in 2011 another female had been called as Zac Efron girlfriend; it is a pity that this rumor was spread only in the internet. The name of that girl is Candice Swanepoel and she is a model of Victoria’s Secrets.
Another one that looked like a serious one of Zac Efron girlfriend was Rumer Willis. In 2011 he has been noticed spending more than one night in his home and they were considered to be a couple. Also in the same year if 2011 Emma Roberts was considered to be Zac Efron girlfriend, because they were seen making out in one party and were having fun, however this adventure lasted for only one night.
After his active year in 2011, he dated Lily Collins in 2012. Although the couple tried to deny their relationship and hid it, they were seen together walking and holding hands and ordinary friends do not act in this way, so their denial was doubted and she got to be named as Zac Efron girlfriend.
In 2012 he began to date Imogen Poots and their relationship has lasted up until 2013 and the interesting fact is that they were as co-stars in the movie called Are We Officially Dating? And that could be considered as a sign for them both.
All in all the status of Zac Efron girlfriend was shared among many females and the place is supposed to be free at the moment, thus it is not known for how long.

zac efron girlfriend

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